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Bean Nuts SkyNet Cloud

The open cloud computing and open resource data center.

With IaaS / PaaS / SaaS / FaaS and Edge

Non-commercial cloud technology sharing, applications, and open-source platform, the Cloudcraft.

Nuts SkyNet Cloud Legion

Not only cloud native, but your own private IDC data center.

  • Nuts Digital Data Center

    A successfully case that you can learn, with fully cloud technology supported which is stored more then 100TB data-sets. Our next level is 10PB.

  • DB of AI (Cthulhu)

    How you can imagine, a p2p based mega data-sets that can support NLP, CV and other AIs or support BigData search and query. This is the old one, he shall see all.

  • Aitom (Sauron)

    Sauron knows all, he shall insights omniscience. the atomic AI is a AI based search system that can shows the profile of each tokens.

  • Sauron Spider

    An extensive distributed big data web crawling system and open platform for PB-level data, supporting various cluster modes, and even edge crawling.

  • Hydra & Summer

    Hydra, as Sauron cluster orchestrator, supports native RPC, various cluster modes. Summer, serves as a backend framework. Both support Java and CPP.

  • Ender Chest Tech

    Want the ender chest in MC but in the really world? EC not only serves as the cornerstone of Sauron but also a NAS and private OSS, allowing you to have your own private cloud storage.

  • Sparta Legion Force

    (Non-open source) The security and networking foundation of Nuts Digital include proprietary private networking, DNS, Titan CDN, domain NIC, and security systems.

  • Pinecone & Ulfheðinn

    Ulfheðinn the wolf skin berserker, is the system APIs SDK of Nuts Digital, and Pinecone is the framework accessing CPP/ Java / JS / Go.

  • Nuts Git

    The exclusive code versions, repositories, and management system of Nuts SkyNet, which also supports SaaS cloud services, and powered by Nuts Digital.

What we desire?

From the purchase of each hard drive, hardware architecture, IDC networking, DNS, ICP, NAS, to SDK, low-level framework, cloud-native deployment, coding, load balancing, crawling, data cleansing, query models, and frontend, persistence coding to completed industrial chain, making cloud computing simple.

  • Cloud Computing

    Big data is cost, but NutSky focuses on and provides a set of original, low-cost, high-performance private cloud or hybrid cloud solutions.

  • Big Data Storage

    Every detail is valuable, for those classics should be preserved. NutSky provides an original, low-cost big data storage solution.

  • Data Resource

    Data is the king in every fields. NutSky provides a set of distributed search engine crawler systems and public dataset systems.

  • Data Base & Data Sets

    Models, architectures and algorithms are mutable, but only data is Excalibur, the constant. NutSky focuses on general databases, whether it's historical, relational, time-series, or image media. History deserves to be remembered.

  • Big Data Search Models

    Whether it's traditional relational searches, NoSQL queries, or ML-based intelligent retrievals, to wield, I need to know everything. Mirror mirror, how far will i go?

  • Cross Data Models

    Knowledge graphs, GPT, Stable Diffusion and more. How can we create a perfect super dataset? The only way sames to record and classify as comprehensively as possible because you never know when you might need it, right?

  • High Mark Architecture

    Nuts Digital is no nonsense and is the real deal. Clusters, SSD, and helium disks are all top-notch, leaving no room for compromise. Though it may be small, it's fully equipped. It offers top quality at an affordable price.

  • Cloud Services

    NutSky offers a rich variety of IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, and other cloud native deployments, as well as VMs, containers, and web-spaces. NutSky not only provides services for partners but also offers open-source solutions.

  • Open Source Community

    Nuts Digital will provide relevant open-source project code along with related documentation, and share technical details of successful case studies. Comrades from around the world are welcome to join in maintaining these projects together.

Project Destination

Together with comrades, we are building a PB-level open cloud computing, IDC platform, as well as iterative multi-modal search models and datasets. The project is non-profit and open.

  • Nuts Foundation

    Organized and open-source maintained by the Nuts Foundation project team, we welcome your participation in jointly maintaining the atomized foundational software.

  • Completed Industrial Chain

    Whether it's hardware or software, from VPS, virtualization, NAS, seven-layer load balancing to top-level applications, everything should be deployed as needed.

  • Outstanding Performance

    Though it may be small, the performance is no joking. Load balancing, redundancy, OSI layers—everything should be swift and efficient.

  • Comprehensive Architecture

    Whether it's centralized hierarchical architecture, federated architecture, or edge-linked architecture, everything is available.

  • Complete Datasets

    Whether it's in the fields of language, music, movies, academia, law, or any other domain, or it's textual, image, or streaming media data, everything should be covered.

  • Geared Towards Luxury

    Detail is the prime king, precise and comprehensive. Algorithm strategies are oriented towards knowledge graphs. If necessary, even TB-level exhaustive methods are acceptable.

Application Scenarios

This is a very good product!

Project Destination
  • C/C++/Go/ASM

    High-performance choice, from SDK to clusters, the fundamental of architecture.

  • Java/JS

    Java is marvelous in server-side, and JS is embed in front-end.

  • Data Resource